Monday, August 27, 2012

Closing Statements

Live Blogging #oakdebates |  8:02pm

Lemley: big opportunity for a new council. Want to partner with small and large businesses alike.

Raya: wants Oakland transformation, shares story of personal transformation. Is optimistic for change for Oakland.

Brandt: still champions small biz tax cut, and $80 four year parcel tax for police.

Kalb: had lots of policy experience, restore of trust in local govt and new green/clean tech jobs are top priorities.

Macleay: a vote for him is a vote for youth. And a vote for improved systems. Says he is a green party reformer.

Raphael: wants to fix the structural debt problem first. Says he is the only one [of all District 1 candidates] who won't take "union or big non-profits with contracts" financial support in this campaign.

Link: wants this city to nurture development, also wants the city to improve safety and generate jobs.

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