Monday, August 27, 2012

On serving residents...

Live Blogging #oakdebates |  7:08pm

Lemley: always learning how to do this better. Unions contributing to making the budget better (e.g furlough days)  wants to work more on getting these folks to work harder for residents.

Raya: An outcome based budget is answer to measuring what service looks like. Points to San Jose as an example.

Brandt: has had good experiences with building services and the library. Says that things like 'filling the pot holes in the city matters' with respect to service.

Kalb: work with line workers to get a 'bottom up solution' on improving customer service.

Macleay: systemic oversight will improve service. Quotes the management saying, "you will get what is measured." He wants to measure quality.

Raphael: has had poor experiences with customer service at the old CEDA [permit] counter, thinks they have little incentive to change. Wants faster response times from departments.

Link: because we have cut positions we can't expect the same level of services. But nonetheless, is proud of our hard city workers, wants to thank them for doing more (and maintaining) with less.

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