Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Closing Statements

Live Blogging #oakdebates | Closing Statements| 8pm 
Candidate Sullivan wants to “get projects done” and “confront violence” and “move the community forward. Candidate Young points to his experience as an OUSD teacher and realtor that he will use to “make Oakland great.” Candidate DeWitt is going to focus on bringing retail back to downtown Oakland, and states that “Oakland deserves the best” and if elected she will ensure that “Oakland achieves its promise.” Candidate Muhammad “wants to serve the groups that are most in need” and is in it to help the people of District 3. Miller-Cole emphasizes his support for the Oakland Fire Department, and that promises that he will be a “new kind of politician” and isn’t “enamored of winning” instead he wants to “do more for his community”.  Candidate Gibson McElhaney says that she is a ‘bridge builder” across “980” especially, and that she wants to use her experience to get things done.

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