Wednesday, August 22, 2012

On Working with other Council Members + Diversity

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On Working with other Council Members + Diversity
Muhammad says that he is a “bridge builder” and cites his work with rival gang members a good training for mediation with other council members. Miller-Cole points to his endorsement from Councilmember Nadel as a sign that he can work with the existing council, he also says that he is a “doer” and points to his record of listening as a good approach to solving problems. Lynette Gibson McElhaney speaks about her record at the helm of a successful non-profit, and her study of community development as skills she will lean on to get things done. Sullivan points to his work with Covenant House as a successful track record of working with a community that was hesitant to welcome change and now embraces it.  LL Young talks about District 3 as the reason people want to visit Oakland, and as a side note makes the first mention of the Port of Oakland. Young also cites his work as a real estate agent working on short sales as good training for doing deals with council members. Nyeisha DeWitt cites that “building social capital” is important both “inside and outside city hall” she will build trust and relationships and will sometimes “put her needs second” to keep things working smoothly.

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