Tuesday, August 21, 2012

On Gang Injunctions

Live Blogging the #oakdebates 
7:30pm -- On Gang Injunctions
Under the leadership of the previous City Attorney, two Gang Injunctions were established in Oakland, specifically in North Oakland and Fruitvale.  Both candidates were asked if they supported these efforts and if they would support future Gang Injunctions. Brunner indicated that she had asked the current OCA “to meet with the ACLU and to date, the meeting never happened” and would have a hard time supporting new injunctions because she “doesn’t think that they are that useful” but as City Attorney she would of course “defend it.”
Parker said “Oakland is in a major public safety crisis" and that the city should use all tools available to “achieve an end [to the violence].” Ms. Parker said that she is comfortable continuing the two existing gang injunctions, and is OK with new ones if the city council decides to enact them.

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