Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Role for Policy Making in the OCA

Live blogging the #oakdebates
7:10 -- When asked about the role for the City Attorney’s office in policy making, the debate got heated.
Ms. Parker answered that the role of the City Attorney’s office was to “provide sound supportive advice.” According to Parker, there is “no role for policy making” for the city attorney.  Brunner concurred but then mentioned the varying reports that the city attorney’s office issued to the council about the credit swaps with Goldman Sachs earlier this year, declaring that it is “helpful to understand politics in a political world.”
Parker called this an “outrageous” statement telling the audience that Ms. Brunner had just stated a confidential opinion that the city attorneys’ office provided to the council. The audience then applauded. Brunner insists what she did was reasonable, and did not say anything that wasn’t on the public record.


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