Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Opening Statements + Early Questions

Opening Statements + Early Questions
Each candidate is given 2 minutes each for an opening statement.
Candidate Nyeisha DeWitt is native of Oakland and small business owner serves on Measure Y oversight committee wants to “listen” and be a “responsive leader.” She wants to focus on education issues.
Candidate Derrick H. Muhammad is running because his younger brother was murdered on the Oakland streets in 2008 and he wants to make Oakland safer and wishes help strengthen “business development in this community.”
Candidate Miller-Cole has lived in Oakland for 15 years and owns a small business himself. Knows about what its like having to take “payroll after [your] own savings.” Miller Cole wants to make change by encouraging residents to ‘vote [for] someone outside of the system.’
Candidate Lynette Gibson McElhaney wants three opportunities for Oaklanders; economic development, quality education, and safety.  Gibson McElhaney wants government to “match” energy of the citizens here.
Candidate Sean Sullivan wants to ‘create jobs’ and ‘restore’ neighborhood services. He emphasizes green and ‘beautification efforts in West Oakland and 9th and Hollis. Cites bringing Covenant House relocation to Jack London Square as a big accomplishment.
Finally Candidate Larry L. Young indicated that he wants to make “Oakland the best place to ‘live, work and vacation’. He wants the Laguna Steps to improve, and redevelop the Oakland central train station using local jobs.  Promises that if elected, he would “work the late hours.” He closed with the slogan “vote LL and all will be well.”

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