Wednesday, August 22, 2012

On Economic Development

 Live Blogging #oakdebates | On Economic Development | 7:25pm
Sullivan wants to improve retail, cites expanding Target and encouraging Pop Up Hood to diversify revenues and manage expenses. LL Young talks about putting cops on bikes, to improve an environment that “deters violence” and wants to “stand up against unions” and spend money on “elders, parks and etc” instead. Nyeisha DeWitt wants to collaborate “across sectors” and leverage federal and state resources to diversify funds. She also wants to attract more retail and provide family friendly activities in Oakland so families can spend their “money and time here.” Muhammad says that if elected he would encourage “buy local programs” to help generate tax revenue in Oakland. Miller-Cole points to all the artists in Oakland, and wants to make “Oakland a destination” by improving the convention center for national conferences. Lynette Gibson McElhaney wants to make Oakland “open for business” and cites nurturing the existing tech, and biomed centers and the keys to increasing revenues.

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