Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lighting Round: On Industry Growth

Live Blogging #oakdebates | 7:48pm 
Lighting Round: What industry should be supported in order to grow the most jobs in Oakland?
Right out of the gate, Derrick Muhammad mentions the Port of Oakland’s strategic geographical position 800 nautical miles closer to Asia is a “huge advantage to maximize trade with China.”  He would like to ‘increase exports’ cites the Oakland Army Base (OAB) development as a “game changer” with respect to bringing jobs to Oakland. Alex Miller-Cole: thinks that “developing vacant land” will be important in addition to the Oakland Army Base redevelopment. Lynette Gibson McElhaney: wants to support “Bio Tech, high tech, green tech” increase retail expansion, and retain sports teams. Sullivan: wants to celebrate “other gems” in West Oakland like urban agriculture, and the industrial artist community in West Oakland. LL Young wants to televise art murmur, wants to prepare Oaklanders to fix sewer laterals. Nyeisha DeWitt points to small business development and local hire initiatives as important factors to improving the economy.

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