Monday, August 27, 2012

Program Starts + Opening Statements

Live Blogging #oakdebates | 6:52pm

With the squeaks of basketball shoes in the background (the debate hall is next to the gym) the District 1 debates are underway on College Ave.

Raphael: 35 year resident, last 30 years in Temescal. Kids went to Oakland Tech. Renter and owner lots of passion for the district. Platform is on website, he directs listeners to it.

Link: 31 year resident, former college history professor. Involved in neighborhood watch. Part of community policing board/watch. Focus on public safety and economic development.

Lemley: lives nearby, founded First Place an NPO in Downtown Oakland. Works with John Burton in CA state legislature. Wants to get 800 sworn police and economic development into the city.

Raya: loves the diversity of  Oakland. Wants to leverage Port and neighboring UC Berkeley and Silicon Valley, enforce Cease Fire approach to crime. Wants to promote transit oriented development.

Brandt: 28 year resident of District 1. Trial lawyer by profession. Wants to improve safety with parcel tax $80 per year, and wants to cut Oakland business tax.

Kalb: issues and policy making is where his experience lies, wants to restore "trust" in city hall, including "modeling good behavior" and developing clean teach jobs. Also crime prevention is a priority.

Macleay: has started attending Inside Oakland seminars to listen to folks, wants to reduce crime and improve schools.

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