Monday, August 27, 2012

On collaboration with council colleagues...

Live Blogging #oakdebates | 7pm

Link: lots of experience with 'keeping one's eye on the goal' is used to community work where there is 'no room for ego'

Lemley: council is a policy making body  and she "can form a block of 5 votes" and is endorsed by three seated council members.

Raya: good at assembling votes, cites his past budget director experience. Says teamwork, communication and trust are key.

Brandt: cites trial experience, "been in the frying pan before" can take it again.

Kalb: 10 years of mediation experience, and is "good at counting votes" and building consensus.

Macleay: will debate in the open, and be transparent. Things that will get his vote include basic services and education.

Raphael: couldn't work with "all of them" (current seated council members) and said he will stand up to strong non profits (with contracts) and unions in the city.

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