Monday, August 27, 2012

On police staffing and public safety...

Live Blogging #oakdebates |  7:17pm

Raya: parcel tax failed because of lost confidence. Wants to restore confidence, and generate more economic development, 'build on what is working.'

Brandt: his proposed 4 year 80 dollar property tax will fund police. Economic development won't "be enough"

Kalb: wants 803 officers as soon as possible. Want to evaluate after that point. Wants more police investigators. Solving crimes, "prevents more crimes." wants to reauthorize and increase Measure Y in two years.

Macleay: let's use sworn officers in a effective way. Have more civilian officers on patrol.

Raphael: Is skeptical of economic development and says there will be "no way to grow out of this one" thinks parcel tax won't cut it. Instead we have to lower what is paid to new police.

Link: We need more than 2 police academies, after getting to 800  officers wants to go to 900. Wants to fill unfilled civilian positions in the force and apply those positions to solving existing cases.

Lemley: Regarding increasing officers numbers, she wants to "get there" through economic development. Doesn't think that a parcel tax will fly.

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