Monday, August 27, 2012

On Economic Development....

Live Blogging #oakdebates |  7:35pm

Kalb: wants to see development on San Pablo ave. will champion it, especially clean tech development.

Macleay: wants to consider larger project impacts, wants the neighborhood to be involved in the process.

Raphael: as a CPA he knows what a start up needs. Oakland should 'get out of the economic development business' and should not take on more affordable housing.

Link: the city should be active in developement, relax rules and 'let the art community blossom' and he does support affordable housing. Cites city diversity as strength.

Lemley: doesn't want to continue 'pitting community against the developer'. Wants a 'durable, predictable process' with timelines that provide certainty for the developer.

Raya: Economic development doesn't 'have to lead to displacement' cites the army base redevelopment as an example. Wants to attract urban infill and information workers around transit stations (TOD).

Brandt: says labor and developer collaboration is key, local jobs will also be key. Supports inclusionary housing.

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