Monday, August 27, 2012

On curfews and gang injunctions...

Live Blogging #oakdebates |  7:26pm

Brandt: The effectiveness of the gang injunction is "still a question mark" for him.

Kalb: feels "skeptical" of both these topics. Doesn't see the data to support these as effective tactics, he has other ideas for techniques to deal with these topics instead.

Macleay: is opposed 'strongly' to both curfews and injunctions. Must deal with issue of trust/race in communities where these techniques are used first.

Raphael: Could support a stop and frisk policy. Thinks these issues [gang injunctions and curfews] are 'feel good band aids' and not effective.

Link: thinks we could 'try' a curfew. Mentions that the drug dealing at Bushrod Park stopped with the gang injunction. Sees it as and effective tactic in this area.

Lemley: doesn't think 'criminalizing' youth is a good idea.

Raya: is anti curfew, and pro Cease Fire for restoring trust between/with communities of color and police. It "can be done", and in as short as "a matter of months."

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