Monday, August 27, 2012

On Hurdles to Growth in Oakland...

Live Blogging #oakdeabtes |  7:43pm 

Macleay: The way cities get revenue (through taxes) is itself a challenge. We will have to decide if it will be through, property or sales tax.

Raphael: violence is a barrier to development. Period.

Link: the attitude here is very negative, the message is from the city that [the city makes] 'developers to jump through hoops' in order to come here, and the city should instead 'open our arms' to all new businesses.

Lemley: we needed a better coordinated strategy to land businesses. And we aren't  'doing that now.'

Raya: the top three hurdles include 1.Crime  2. A Divided Council and 3. Bad Schools. Wants a new council to turn this around.

Brandt: we need to better trumpet Oakland's strengths in a way that isn't "fear based" -- let's make it positive and call it 'edgy' instead.

Kalb: reduce crimes, especially try and reduce recidivism crimes. Points to workforce and education as the key to achieving this.

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