Wednesday, January 23, 2013

OPD Chief Jordan gets strong Council support

An Oakland City Council that will work together in the face of a boisterous opposition seems to be developing.  Last night the council approved four measures to support public safety.  These measures include (1) approving a consulting contract with former LA and NY police chief Bill Bratton to develop a Crime Reduction strategy; (2) approve financing for a "3rd" Police Academy to start in September 2013; (3) hire 21 civilian police department employees to improve service and free sworn officers for other duties; and (4) contract temporarily with Alameda County Sheriff to bring 10 sheriff deputies to Oakland two days a week for 3 months. 

The last three of these four resolutions passed on an 8-0 voice vote.  Only the Bratton contract received any opposition on the Council, and that a no vote from Desley Brooks.   Mayor Quan demonstrated leadership on these issues as well issuing a letter of support for the Bratton contract last week and attending the Council meeting last night.

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