Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Oakland City Council – Committee Assignments

Committee assignments for the next two years were approved by a unanimous voice vote this morning (Council Member Desley Brooks abstained). The assignments are:

By Council Member the assignments (and total number) are:

D1 – Kalb – 3:                        Rules, Public Works, Public Safety

D2 – Kernighan – 4:               Rules, Finance, Econ. Dev., Education


D3 – Gibson-McElhaney -4:   Econ. Dev., Life Enrichment, Education, Public Safety

D4 – Schaaf - 5:                      Rules, Finance, Econ. Dev., Education, Public Safety


D5 – Gallo -4:                         Public Works, Life Enrichment, Education, Public Safety

D6 – Brooks -2:                      Finance, Life Enrichment


D7 – Reid – 3:                                    Rules, Public Works, Econ. Dev.

At Large – Kaplan -3:             Finance, Public Works, Life Enrichment


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