Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Federal Judge signs OPD oversight order

Senior Federal District Judge Thelton Henderson signs the order creating “Compliance Director” to oversee Oakland Police Department operations.  After nearly ten years of Federal Court oversight the possibility of OPD being run by a Federal receiver was avoided by an agreement between the City and the plaintiff attorneys who brought the civil rights case against OPD.  The hearing scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled.

The appointment of a Compliance Director, likely a person agreed to by the plaintiffs the City and Senior Federal District Judge Thelton Henderson, will have broad powers to direct OPD activity, including the power to remove the Chief of Police.  That power and others could be appealed by the City to the Judge.  The appointment of the Compliance Director also included specific spending authority for the Compliance Director.  It is hoped that the appointment will help OPD achieve the remaining requirements of the negotiated settlement agreement that has brought about the Federal oversight of OPD. 

 The parties have until December 21 to agree on someone to serve as Compliance Director or the judge will appoint one.

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