Friday, November 9, 2012

Advice to President Obama – A Call to Non-Profit Leaders

The President and all of our elected officials need to hear our voices, individually and collectively. Following a practice initiated by “The Chronicle of Philanthropy,” the Oakland Chamber Non-Profit Roundtable is inviting you to participate in a collection of messages to the President, to provide information, advice and guidance to him and his administration as they proceed over the next four years. What advice would you give them as they develop their non-profit agenda? What would you like to see happen? There are many issues already under discussion, such as tax laws regarding donations, federal funding for social services and the arts, and employment.

We want to collect these messages and then forward them on as organizations/companies/businesses with a stake in our community and our country. Please write pointedly and submit your message to Non-Profit Roundtable Co-Chair Jerry Metzker ( or Ana-Marie Jones ( November 30, and then we’ll compile them and share them – with our elected officials and each other.

The election is only the beginning. Now we get to work.

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