Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Opening Statements + Early Questions

Each candidate is given two minutes to make an opening statement.

Candidate Shelly Garza is native of Oakland has been “taking notes for 16 years”  on what people need in District 5. Garza cites her experience as a chief of staff to a council member, and as an executive assistant to “two city managers” currently she is a small business owner in the Fruitvale and wants to “listen” and be a “responsive leader.”
Candidate Noel Gallo thanks the Unity Council for “creating this incredible facility” and commends nearby Arise High School as a great place for learning. He is running because after 19 years on the Oakland School Board he is ready to “serve.” Gallo states that he “knows how it works on the inside when it comes to implementing policy” and says that it would be “an honor to serve the City.”
Candidate Dawn McMahan has lived in Fruitvale for a long time, and “comes the debate as a public servant.” McMahan points to her ‘extensive experience” in conflict resolution.
Finally Candidate Mario Juarez ‘grew up in this district’ and is a local business person and has ‘employed many Oaklanders.’ He knows what it is to “bring collaboration” across departments and is shocked that “we aren’t more incensed with the current leadership.” He wants to focus on education.

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