Tuesday, August 28, 2012

On Collaboration with other Councilmember Colleagues

Live blogging #oakdebates | 6:54pm

Shelly Garza: says that she has already “worked with the city council” points to her work protecting lunch truck merchants, and installing lights in the district. She wants to start by “hitting the ground running.”
Dawn McMahan: says she is “not a politician and has no political experience” her approach will instead be collaborative. Says that intelligence is key to working together.
Noel Gallo: Points to his successful work on the school board with  many diverse colleagues, Oakland has been “most improved district” in the last 7 years.
Mario Juarez: Asks for the question to be repeated, (ED note: there is a discussion about using the mics, a sharing solution is worked out). After a pause mentions the “great opportunity” with the Council turning over, says that it is a priority to work on “public safety” it should be “number one.”

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