Tuesday, August 28, 2012

On Public Nuisance Issues in District 5

LIve Blogging #oakdebates | 7:47pm
--Ed Note: Audience Question, lots of public nuisance issues listed as examples--
McMahan: says that the area has lots of problems and that they all relate to “drug use” want to take a rehab (treatment) approach to the nuisance issues.
Garza: says that this is her “pet peeve” and will work to correct the issues as possible.   
Gallo:  has “zero tolerance” for graffiti, illegal dumping and other public nuisances.  Have to “not tolerate it but instead put an end to it.”
Juarez: says that OPD officers have helped with these issues. He wants to bring back the  “PSO and walking, [beat] officers” in the District.

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