Tuesday, August 28, 2012

On Improving Public Safety + Gang Injunctions

Live Blogging #oakdebates | 7:21pm

Juarez: does not believe in gang injunctions, says they are “costly and not effective.”
McMahan: is also against the gang injunctions, says that its part of the “us against them mentality” and queries the audience on “how Is the drug war going?” ends with saying a more “innovative approach” is required.
Garza: says that she is “between it” has met many people [former gang members] that have “changed their life” and the policy doesn’t work for them anymore. She wants something that “works for everyone.”
Gallo: says that we will “either be serious about safety or we are not” points out that seniors in the neighborhoods are unable to “enjoy their retirement” because of violence in the District. Gallo says that he “supports injunctions for violent offenders” and needs “all the tools possible to give to law enforcement” to improve safety in Oakland and that the “time for excuses is over.”

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