Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oakland City Council Rejects Port Protection Proposal

A Resolution directing the City Administrator to use whatever lawful tools we [city government] have … to prevent future shut downs or disruptions of any Port operations was rejected by the Oakland City Council last night.  The proposal was made by Council Members Ignacio De La Fuente and Libby Schaaf.  They were supported by Desley Brooks and Jane Brunner.  Nancy Nadel and Rebecca Kaplan opposed the measure while Larry Reid and Pat Kernighan abstained from the vote. 

Supporters of the resolution cited the need to protect the rights of all citizens and talked about the economic importance of the Port.  Opponents, including organized labor, said the measure was not necessary and could interfere with protests they might launch in the future. Council Member Kaplan said she could not support this measure while violence remained a problem in the city.    

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