Friday, February 3, 2012

Which History do we want to be Remembered for?

There are 2 stories unfolding before us that clearly defines the society we live in, and perhaps a better understanding of the solution that is needed…

There is the story of those who truly are setting examples of accountability, compassion, and caring for a society, and then there is the story of those who will use any excuse to destroy a society derived from their own lack of understanding..

 What started out as honorable and worthy intentions of the Occupy movement, has unfortunately turned into violence, grandstanding, and showcasing negative elements that have nothing to do with the original intent of the 99%.

 The “Remember Them” Monument was made for all of the community, 100% (not 99%) dedicated to focusing on the the good people have done regardless of race, religion, sex, or creed; and the most significant change was by people who did “peaceful protest”, and who are in fact depicted on this Monument.

Does no one from the Occupy movement not see the contradiction here?

When I heard that occupiers had tagged the Monument with graffiti, I could not help but think about why these people could think that this would help their cause?

If anything, it brought out from the community people who were enraged by such a act, and demonstrates that the true 99% are law abiding, and caring citizens.

Perhaps we need to look closer at trying to find a solution at the core, and try to understand why these people would do such a thing, and why they feel that anarchy and violence is the only way. In its truest form, the ideas behind the Monument are exactly the reasons for addressing these issues and focus on peaceful means to solutions; examples of people who did extraordinary things for the betterment of others.

We must also understand that for people to do such acts of violence and disrespect, this could only come from what has been accepted into their lives, and what they have seen in their own journey of life; another reason to create positive examples and create better responsibility.

I do not pretend to have all the answers of making a better society, but I do know if we take responsibility for our actions, stop blaming others, and focus a portion of our lives dedicated to trying to make better someone else less fortunate than ourselves, for sure positive change will come. This has been proven over and over in history; Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Thic Nat Hahn, to name a few who have adhered to that conviction of responsibility and helping others. In my view and many others that have come forward from the community, an even bigger reason why we need more examples like “Remember Them” available and accessible to all, so that people can see themselves as those depicted in history who made change for the better through more peaceful means, and derail the anarchy of negative examples.

I was deeply touched by the local Community that lives within the vicinity of the Monument, and the caring and love they show for both the Monument and the people of the Community. A day does not go by where people from this Community are scrubbing, cleaning, and patrolling the Monument area to make it a place for all people to learn and enjoy. These are volunteers who understand the meaning of caring and compassion, and are setting the examples to positive change. This is the idea I believe of what the 99% should be the symbol of; “true positive change by selfless examples”, just like the people who live near the Remember Them Monument.

The flip side is that tagging, and violating a Monument dedicated to the betterment of Humanity unfortunately defines that the only thing violence and disrespect achieve is more violence and disrespect, and positive change has never come from this; “history has proved that”.

No one will reason or listen to people who live by this negative code.

The original Occupy movement as I understood it, was to focus on bringing about change against those who were corrupting and destroying our society for their own selfish needs; is not tagging, defecating, littering, obstructing peoples freedoms doing the the same thing?

If we want a civilized world, let us learn from history those who made our lives better and be those examples, and not from those who acted upon their own selfish needs and desires at the expense of others.

Imagine what the Occupy Movement would have looked like if it were structured to improve a neighborhood that they occupied; removing graffiti, making it pristine, and safe?

Then all people would want to listen, and support such a movement..

I know I would be there right with them if that approach were taken..

Remember; we are all from the same planet, and whatever we are doing every minute of the day we are defining our history of this planet, everyone of us...

Which history do we want to be remembered for?

-Mario Chiodo 


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