Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Where will Oakland look to save money?

The Oakland Redevelopment Agency will be eliminated as required by state law on February 1. The loss of that revenue means the city has to cut about $20 million from its budget every year. The money has been paying for nearly 160 employees including more than 80 people in the economic development department, 15 assistant city attorneys and half of the salary of the Mayor and City Council members. The money also paid the salaries of 17 police officers but they can’t be let go due to their employment contract. So where will the city look to save money?

The Mayor and City Administrator have submitted a plan to the City Council which they will review at a special City Council at 5:30 tonight at City Hall. The plan involves some reorganization and does eliminate 105 positions. The biggest losses are among the former Economic Development staff where a total of 42 positions are eliminated. The cut positions include some non- sworn police staff and four of the nine Neighborhood Service Coordinators. Public Works loses 23 positions and Parks & Recreation lose another nearly seven people.

City Council will make final budget decisions at their meeting next Tuesday night, January 31, at 5:30 pm.

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