Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Why Entrepreneurs should join their local Chamber of Commerce

Business people who succeed in business know that this is a relationship business. Nothing can replace face to face networking and face to face business relationships. Some network marketers call it “the warm market.”  I call it just doing straight up commerce and people brokering. A lot of times we spend countless hours on the computer doing internet marketing with minimal results. You have to cultivate your networking leads. “Like my mama would say a close mouth doesn’t get fed”. You have to let other business professionals know what’s going on with your business and what kind of referral you are looking for in order to continue to keep business thriving in Oakland!

The two main reasons why it is importance to join the Chamber of Commerce are:  Accessibility and Visibility. You need to be accessible to meet with like minded business professionals to exchange ideas and do business together. Attending meetings, quarterly mixers, networking events, ect. puts you out there in the public limelight, which in turn makes you more visible. Visibility is crucial to building a network on a local level. Joining a Chamber of Commerce is a must for local economic development and growing any business, especially in today’s economical climate.

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