Monday, October 17, 2011

How should the parcel tax be allocated?

Tomorrow night the City Council will consider two proposals on how to spend the first two years of the five year $11 million/year Parcel Tax.  One proposal comes from Mayor Quan, the other from Council Members Kaplan and Kernighan. It is unclear if these proposals will be binding even if they are passed tomorrow night. 

The Mayors Plan spends only 42% of the money on police services and technology and even some of that money goes to youth internships and career exploration opportunities.  Even if you add in the amount spent on youth violence prevention the spending on crime fighting only reaches 53%. 

Council members Kernighan and Kaplan spend a little more than 50% on police services and technology, with the amount rising to nearly 60% if you include youth violence prevention programs.

The Chamber supported Measure I in an effort to see serious Public Safety issues addressed.  Neither of these proposals is sufficient.  The Chamber would prefer to see 75-80% of the funds raised go to police services exclusively.

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