Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oakland’s Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) – Making neighborhoods shine

Business Improvement District (BID) Managers Meet
Last week at the Chamber several of Oakland’s BID Managers (and hopeful BID managers) got together for a meeting on common issues. These hard-working individuals manage nine different neighborhoods in Oakland, delivering supplemental services for selected commercial corridors.
Oakland Neighborhoods with BIDs currently include:

The BID Managers discussed the structure of the BIDs in Oakland generally – and related guests from the City of Oakland acknowledged what an important financial and management tool BIDs are to promoting Oakland’s unique neighborhoods. Each month, this group will have a working BID managers meeting, allowing both city and BID staff to do the following:

·         Increase communication on district-specific issues
·         Lean new techniques/gather ideas between districts/city
·        Improve/realize efficiencies in city/BID reporting.

The BID managers brainstormed agenda items for future BID Managers meetings. A very lively and committed group with tons of ideas, the BID Managers made a comprehensive list that will take most of 2012 to work though! Despite the long list, two priority topics were identified to be addressed at the next meeting, (1) Getting a Master Encroachment Permit and (2) Notification Procedures for Public Work Projects. The next BID Managers meeting will be held at 2:30pm on November 16 at the Chamber office.

Sharing Local Oakland Programs for Business
The BID managers from the Temescal - Telegraph and Koreatown - Northgate Districts shared two innovative programs with the group, which are relevant to local business owners. They include the Green Business Certification Program  and the Oakland Grown Gift Card. Should you want to take advantage of either (or both!) of these programs contact the Temescal BID for Green Business, and/or the Koreatown-Northgate BID about the Oakland Grown Gift Card.

For more information, contact Eleanor Hollandor at or 510-874-4800 x:320

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