Tuesday, February 18, 2014


(Oakland, CA) -- Starting off the new year with a colorful splash, Oakland will have a chance to highlight its own local creatives with the launch of a CreativeMornings Oakland chapter.

Founded in 2008 by Tina Roth Eisenberg, the New York design blog/studio eminence of Swissmiss,

CreativeMornings is a monthly breakfast lecture series for the creative community. Headquartered in

New York City, CreativeMornings has gained an avid following and grown to an international movement

with 65 satellite chapters. Each event is free of charge and includes a twenty minute talk, plus coffee.

Each month, a local creative will be invited to deliver a themed lecture. From design legends to

hometown heroes, speakers are selected based on a global theme. Attendees will have the chance to

mingle with other local creators, and then head off to work feeling inspired, thoughtful, and uplifted.

CreativeMornings, Oakland will be curated by a team of well-known local misfits and design innovators.

Hosted by Oakland-based designer Ivan Lima, the series will be produced in collaboration and

sponsorship with civic pride apparel company Oaklandish, its sister brand there there, and Pandora, the

leading internet radio service. Ivan and team hope to bring a fresh feel into the ever-popular series, with

a carefully curated, uniquely Oakland line-up, some great wake-up tunes, and locally sourced coffee.

With the addition of this Oakland chapter, Ivan believes that an amazing, eclectic group of creatives will

coalesce to shine in the town we call home. Together, this talented community of diverse individuals will

have a chance to share new ideas, grow in influence, and contend on an international level with worldclass

international creative centers like New York City, San Francisco, and Zurich.

In a pivotal time when Oakland is experiencing a vibrant renaissance, there is a great need to cultivate

creative jobs within Oakland. This can be only be achieved with the growth, support, and dialogue

within the local community. This is the open space that CreativeMornings affords. CreativeMornings

remains free thanks to the support of local sponsors, generous venues, and long-term partners. Anyone

can attend. All you have to do is register beforehand to reserve your spot.


The first lecture is themed Rebel and will be held February 28th, 8:30a – 10a, at Pandora HQ, on 2101 

Webster St., given by speaker Tony Calzaretta, Pandora’s very own Creative Director. Event ticketing 

will be released Monday, February 24th, at 11am. Follow closely, as there will be limited seating and

tickets will go fast. Stay tuned for future talks and speakers by following @Oakland_CM on Twitter, or

checking out CreativeMornings.com/cities/oak.

For more information, contact:

Ivan Lima, oakland@creativemornings.com

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