Monday, February 10, 2014

Perspective on Women in Leadership- EBWIBR Luncheon Feb. 7th

Our latest East Bay Women in Business, EBWIBR luncheon last Friday at The Waterfront Hotel proved to be very eye opening. Our guest speaker, Dr. Deborah Merril-Sands was a very inspiring speaker.

If you missed the luncheon, here is a snippet of one of the many things she discussed-

"But when it comes to leadership, the revolution has indeed stalled. Change has been much too slow, and significant representation of women at the top remains elusive. To go the final distance, the "equipping women" strategy Sandberg advocates will not suffice.

We need a new, game-changing strategy. We need men. We need men to "lean in" - to join women as allies, advocates and agents of change. We need male leaders to understand their role in perpetuating subtle gender dynamics and master the strategies to interrupt them. And we need male leaders to take up the business case for how expansion of women in leadership will strengthen their organization's performance."

To read more about her article, check it out here-

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