Wednesday, August 29, 2012

On Working with the three Oakland Sports Teams…

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De La Fuente says attracting the teams is “third on his list.”  He says that the teams are important to the City but are “responsible to their stakeholders at the end of the day.” He wants to be responsible to the Oakland citizen stakeholders by “making the streets safe.”
Anderson-Downs says that she “would like the teams to stay” but would rather have a conversation about ‘restorative justice for youth’.
Candidate Lee Tolbert has had the “privilege” of working with the three teams and concedes that they are important for “civic pride” and wants to work aggressively to “keep them here” will do that by supporting Coliseum City project.
Kaplan says that “redeveloping with sports teams” is one of the “best ways to grow jobs in our community” she says that “we have the sites and the land” to make this work. Kaplan says it is one of her top two priorities to work on keeping the teams in Oakland. 

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