Wednesday, August 29, 2012

On Collaboration with Fellow Council Colleagues…

Live Blogging #oakdebates | 6:55pm

Rebecca Kaplan wants to ‘encourage respectful dialogue’ through promoting a friendly demeanor and modeling good behavior. Wants to bring a climate of “inclusion and respect” to the city council, points out that (if elected) she will be one of the more senior members of the council and will work to set the tone.
Ignacio De La Fuente says that his record (including his role as Council President) shows that he was able to keep the tone polite, and get work done. Says his strong work allows him to “deal with issues not personalities.”
Theresa Anderson-Downs says that its “ok to disagree” and a focus on issues can help diminish personal conflicts reduce. She will focus on the issues.
Carol Lee Tolbert points to her experience as a non-profit executive (on the school board she was dubbed along with her colleagues as the ‘dream team’). Tolbert says that it takes “more than money” to run a functional organization and instead believes in the ‘power of partnerships.’

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