Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Caldecott Tunnel Fourth Bore Medallion Design Competition

Caldecott Tunnel Logo
Play a Part in Making History!
The Fourth Bore of the Caldecott Tunnel will bring congestion relief to busy State Route 24 between Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. The Caldecott Medallion Design Competition will provide the children of these two counties an opportunity to play a role in the design of an important architectural detail of the Fourth Bore.
The Caldecott Fourth Bore will have three "medallions" cast out of concrete on each side of the tunnel. The medallions will be located above the tunnel openings on the east and west sides and will become a part of this regional landmark for years to come.
All schoolchildren (K-12) who live in Alameda or Contra Costa Counties are invited to submit artwork for the Medallion Design Competition. The deadline for entries is Monday, May 7, 2012. Three (3) winners from each county will be selected; the winning artwork will be used to design the molds which will create the Fourth Bore medallions.
Contest Theme: Art Deco Revisited
The theme for the Medallion Design Competition was selected by Bay Area residents via an online survey on the project website. As a tribute to the original Caldecott medallions that were created in the 1930s for the first two bores, the theme for the competition is "Art Deco Revisited." Students are encouraged to exercise their creative imaginations around the theme to explore ways that the past and present styles come together. Click here for more information about Art Deco.
How to Enter...
1.     Download the Contest Entry Packet Here
2.     Review the Contest Rules and Guidelines Here
3.     Fill out the Artist Information & Release Form - Please be sure to sign it!
4.     Adhering to the contest theme "Art Deco Revisited," create your masterpiece on the Contest Entry Form - Don't forget to write your "artist's statement."
5.     Drop off or mail your entry by Monday, May 7, 2012. (See contest guidelines for entry requirements and submission locations)
Visit www.caldecott-tunnel.org/medallion for details and more information on the competition.
Questions can be emailed to: medalliondesign@caldecott-tunnel.org
The Caldecott Fourth Bore Project is a partnership between the Federal Highway Administration, the California Department of Transportation, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the Contra Costa Transportation Authority, and the Alameda County Transportation Commission

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