Monday, March 26, 2012

Oakland City Council Committee Meetings on March 27, 2012

Public Works 10:30 am  Chair – Nancy Nadel
No items to highlight

Finance & Management  Noon  Chair – Ignacio De La Fuente
-              Require City Administrator to get Council approval before extending banking contract

-              Open Data Policy (from Schaaf) get city info on web for people to access

Community & Economic Development  2pm  Chair – Jane Brunner
-              Lake Merritt BART Preferred Development plan

-              Economic Development Strategy for the City

-              Review schedule to declare Enforceable Obligations – shutting down Redevelopment Agency

-              $873,497 from Army Base lease revenue to keep staff members

Life Enrichment  4pm   Chair – Desley Brooks
Meeting Cancelled

Public Safety  5:30 pm    Chair – Patricia Kernighan
-              Cabaret Hours Pilot Program – set to expire April 2012 extend it to May 2014

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