Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Occupy Encampment Hurts City of Oakland

The Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce joined 5 City Council Members, and dozens of community leaders, faith based leaders and business organizations at a press conference today to call for an end to the overnight encampment at Frank Ogawa Plaza.  Council President Larry Reid, Vice Mayor Desley Brooks, Ignacio De La Fuente, Libby Schaaf and Patricia Kernighan held the press conference at the Bandstand at Lake Merritt.  Much of what they said was drowned out by loud aggressive protestors determined to deny others the right to express themselves.  The message from business groups is below while the message from the City Council Members can be seen here.

Occupy Encampment Hurts City of Oakland

The local economy is struggling.  Thousands of business owners and tens of thousands of their employees and customers rely on being able to safely go about their business to earn a living, feed their families and pay their mortgages or rent. These activities generate tax revenue and charitable giving that pay for the social services the most vulnerable among us rely on. All of this is jeopardized by the illegal and hurtful actions that have been tolerated in Oakland the last few weeks.  Efforts to shut down the city, and interfere with the rights and property of others are not acceptable.  Business and community leaders call on the City of Oakland to:

  • End the overnight encampment in Frank Ogawa Plaza
  • Shop, eat and buy from businesses in Oakland
  • Support peaceful demonstration, not camping or rioting
  • Promote Oakland as a
    Great Place
    to Live and Work

When people in Oakland work together great things happen.  We should not allow outside influences and illegal behavior to interfere with the people doing business and living their lives.

For more information:                           Business Groups Represented:
Paul Junge                                            Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce 
(510) 874 – 4800 x 306                       Oakland African-American Chamber of Commerce  Jobs and Housing Coalition                              
                                                            Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Alameda County                                                                    East Bay Rental Housing Coalition
                                                            Airport Area Business Association                               
                                                            Chinatown Chamber of Commerce      

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