Tuesday, December 17, 2013

OPD gets nearly 80 new patrol cars

The City of Oakland is announcing the addition of 82 new vehicles to the public safety vehicle fleet, including a new type of police patrol vehicle.  Eight of the new vehicles were on display at a press conference in Frank Ogawa plaza just before noon today.

The new vehicle offers safety and environmental improvements over the Crown Vic. New features such as a backup camera, blind-spot monitoring and stability control reduce the risk of accidents. The new vehicles are expected to get 30% better fuel economy than the existing patrol cars. In addition, the SUV design provides greater space and better access for officers and their equipment.

Interim Police Chief Sean Whent said, “The addition of these new vehicles to our fleet is greatly needed and very much appreciated. Reliable police cars are an essential tool in effective crime fighting. Our officers rely on them not only to respond to calls for service but they often serve as office space for report writing and preliminary investigations so dependability and safety are important. We are committed to continuing to grow the Police Department and providing Oakland Police Officers with the tools necessary to continue to reduce crime.”

There are 82 new vehicles on order. The first ones ready have been used to train officers. The rest will be deployed over the next few months, as they are up-fit with equipment and communications upgrades by the Oakland Department of Information and Technology.

74 of the new patrol vehicles are part of a lease-purchase program for 153 vehicles for various City departments.  Also included in that program are:


•             8 unmarked vehicles for OPD

•             4 fire apparatus vehicles

•             36 parking enforcement vehicles

•             6 street sweepers

•             25 light trucks and vans for PWA, OPD, OFD and Human Services

The City has not bought this many vehicles in a single year since 2001.


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