Friday, August 2, 2013

Oakland City Council protects People and Property

Recent protests in Oakland have included broken windows, graffiti, fires and violent attacks on people.  Earlier this week the Oakland City Council voted 5-0 with one abstention to Prohibit the possession of Tools of Violence and Vandalism during a Demonstration.

This ordinance clarifies what steps the Oakland Police Department (OPD) can take to prevent personal harm and property damage.  Once enacted no one is permitted to carry or possess a club, fire accelerant, fireworks, painting device, paint projectile, shield, sling shot, hammer, or wrench while participating in any demonstration.

Supporters of the measure, including the Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, expect the ordinance to help OPD protect everyone, including peaceful protestors, from anyone intent on causing harm to others.

Before it becomes effective the ordinance will have to be approved again at the next City Council meeting which is scheduled for September 17.



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