Tuesday, July 30, 2013

PROHIBIT Tools of Violence and Vandalism during a Demonstration

Dear Mayor Quan:

On behalf of the thousands of members of the Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and our Affiliated Merchants, I write to you in SUPPORT of the Ordinance Prohibiting the Possession of the Tools of Violence and Vandalism during a Demonstration.

After just one recent demonstration that included thousands of dollars in property destruction and thousands more in lost wages and business opportunity I wrote an open letter calling for action.  Among the questions I posed was the following:

 If someone brings a crowbar, hammer or object uncommon to a peaceful demonstration, then why are they not held, identified and questioned?

This ordinance clarifies what steps the Oakland Police Department can take to prevent personal harm and property damage. 

It is not necessary to bring a club, impact resistant shield, sling shot, hammer, large wrench, fireworks, paint projectiles, nor fire accelerants to a demonstration.  In fact the presence of these items not only threatens human life and property they threaten to undermine the expression of any idea.

I urge you to SUPPORT this ordinance prohibiting the possession of the Tools of Violence and Vandalism during a Demonstration.


Joseph J. Haraburda
President & CEO

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