Thursday, June 6, 2013

Subcontractor “Meet and Greet” brought to you by Turner

You are invited to attend a subcontractor "Meet and Greet" outreach meeting on Thursday, June 6th at 1PM at 75 Hawthorne St. Representatives from Turner will be present to answer questions regarding the bid packages, timing, schedules and certification

Bidders are encouraged to seek certification for SBE/VOSB/SDVOSB/HubZone SBE/SDB and WBE for this project.

Project: 75 Hawthorne Capital Improvements and Interior Improvements

Owner: Hawthorne Plaza Associates

This project includes MEPF, Architectural and Structural Upgrades of the existing building at 75 Hawthorne

The following trade packages will be bid as a part of this project

2.0 Demolition, 2.5 Paving, 3.3 Concrete, 4.2 Masonry, 5.1 Structural Steel, 6.2 Millwork 8.1 Doors, Frames and Hardware, 8.3 Coiling Doors, 8.9 Glass and Glazing, 9.2 Drywall, 9.3 Tile/Stone, 9.5 Acoustical Ceilings, 9.6 Flooring, 9.9 Painting, 10.1 Toilet Partitions/Accessories, 10.6 Folding Doors, 10.8 Signage, 11.1 Furniture Rental, 12.4 Window Shades, 15.4 Plumbing, 15.5 Fire Protection, 15.6 HVAC, and 16.1 Electrical Fire Alarm, Building Management Systems

Trade packages will be released for bid in approximately 1-2 months

Plans, Specs and Bid Documents will be released during the bid phase. Contact Brendan Crockett at for access to drawings and specs.

For information on how to Prequalify with Turner, please contact Brendan Crockett

Turner has a 20% SBE/VOSB/SDVOSB/HubZone SBE/SDB and WBE goal for this project.

Please direct all questions to Brendan Crockett at 510.267.8239 or

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