Tuesday, April 30, 2013

College & Career Readiness Office presents, Exploring College and Career Options Student Interns

College & Career Readiness Office presents …
Exploring College and Career Options
Student Interns
Summer 2013

Do you have a work project you haven’t been able to complete?

Would you like to have an impact on the professional development of Oakland’s youth?

Act fast to get the best match! Complete the Internship Request form below to start the process

You can help invest in the future of Oakland's workforce by providing an ECCO student with exposure to a high-quality work-based learning experience such as a 5-week summer internship. Our ECCO interns are trained, insured, tech savvy, supervised and motivated. They have experience working collaboratively, thinking critically, and are prepared to help you with that project you need to get done.

These 16- and 17-year-old students have been preparing all year to be your interns through the Exploring College and Careers Options (ECCO) program. ECCO helps students become more engaged, make informed choices about their futures, and learn the skills they need to succeed in career and post-secondary education.

By hosting an ECCO student intern, you will link their academic learning to career professional learning in your industry. Please see our Internship Guide for Hosts which details the expectations for internship host sites.  

Click here to complete the Internship Request Form  by June 14th.
Our staff will contact you to begin the placement process.


WHAT: 5-week summer internship program (30 hrs per week)

WHEN: July 1st-August 2nd -  Tuesdays through Fridays

(Students attend a weekly seminar on Monday's with their supervising teacher for ongoing professional development)

WHERE: Your place of business, Tuesdays through Fridays


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