Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Business Opportunity Spotlight

From time to time, the Chamber is made aware of local business opportunities and projects relevant to our members and other community based organizations. See below for the most recent opportunity spotlight:

Turner is currently bidding the following trade packages as part of Bid Group #03 for the Oakland Airport M102 Terminal 1 Renovation Project:


6.2 Millwork, Trespa Wall Panels  
10.1 Toilet Partitions and Accessories
9.2 Tile and Stone
10.4 Signage  
9.4 Acoustic Ceilings and Wall Panels
10.6 Folding Doors
9.5 Stretch Fabric System
12.4 Window Shading
9.6 Flooring
15.9 Enterprise Controls
9.7 Terrazzo
9.8 Epoxy Flooring
9.9 Painting
20.0 Swing Space Package
2.13 Tower Demo


Bids are due Thursday, April 25th, 2013 @ 2pm.

To access the bid documents please follow the link:

Instruction to Bidders:

PRE-BID JOB WALK: Subcontractors are recommended to attend a job walk during the bid phase. Please see below for your appropriate time. All job walks will begin at the “Meet and Greet” area inside Terminal 1 right next to the TSA security checkpoint. Proceed inside the terminal towards the security line as if you were boarding a flight. The meeting area is directly to the right of the security checkpoint inside Terminal 1.



For TSA security purposes, please provide Turner with 1. The full legal name, 2. Date of Birth and 3. Company Name of each job-walk attendee at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled job walk time. Attendee’s must bring a valid/current form of Identification with them during the job walk as well.

-       2.13 Tower Demo – Tues. April 16th @ 1pm **See above for security requirements

-       6.2 Millwork, 9.2 Tile, 9.4 Acoustical Ceilings, 9.5 Stretch Ceiling, 9.6 Flooring, 9.7 Terrazzo, 9.8 Epoxy Flooring - Wed. April 17th @ 1pm **NO Security Requirements

-       9.9 Painting, 10.1 TP and Accessories, 10.4 Signage, 10.6 Folding Doors, 12.4 Window Shades, 15.9 Enterprise Controls, 20.0 Swing Space Package - Wed. April 18th @ 1pm **NO Security Requirements


Pre-Bid Outreach Conference Meet and Greet

Turner will be hosting a meet and greet with second and third their subcontractors immediately following the job walk (2:30pm) in an effort to build relationships and to help prime subcontractors reach their LBE/SLBE goals. This meeting will be held back at Turner’s Jobsite Office at 1100 Airport Drive (office is on the second floor).


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