Tuesday, March 5, 2013

OPD Gets a Compliance Director

Former Baltimore Police Commissioner Thomas C. Frazier is the first ever Compliance Director overseeing the Oakland Police Department (OPD). Mr. Frazier and OPD Chief Howard Jordan have worked together before. Frazier and his firm worked on a report about the crowd control and police tactics the City used during the Oct. 25, 2011 Occupy Oakland protest and Jordan adopted many of the suggested reforms

For over ten years now OPD has been operating under the terms of a Negotiated Settlement Agreement (NSA).  Last December the Federal Judge decided a Compliance Director, with the authority to remove the Chief, direct OPD policy and spend money was necessary to achieve the standards established by the NSA. 

Frazier will start work March 11 and is expected to submit a plan for completing the reforms within 30 days and he will begin issuing monthly status reports in May.

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