Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Engage on Min Wage - THIS Friday @ Oak Metro Chamber - 8:30-10 AM

Ready to engage on minimum wage? Then we look forward to seeing you this Friday morning at Inside Oakland, as always the 4th Friday of the month from 8:30-10 in the Board Room at the Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce.

To inform our discussion of one of the hottest policy issues of the day, we will be joined by leaders from two of Oakland’s most dynamic sectors – non-profits and restaurants.

Michael LeBlanc
CJ Hirschfield

Well-recognized Oakland non-profit leader CJ Hirschfield of Fairyland and widely-acclaimed restaurant entrepreneur Michael LeBlanc of Pican will talk about what the various minimum wage proposals out there would mean to them. City staff and the City’s economic consultant will be on hand to listen and answer questions. We have outstanding invitations to an economist, additional local businesses, and our local electeds. I will be there to delve into the Oakland Chamber’s survey and work to date on the issue. Most importantly, you all will be there to listen, learn, share your perspectives, and engage on what this issue could mean for you and your business, employees, and community.

Our goal is to continue forging a coalition for a regional, sustainable, and transparent minimum wage policy that continues fueling Oakland’s economic progress for all.

To get us in the right mindset for a vibrant discussion this Friday, check out the following quick bullets:

·         This CNN article talks about how the State of Washington, which has had one of the highest minimum wages in the country at $9.32/hour, and San Francisco, have some of the hottest job markets. Cause or effect? An important question for us to explore.

·         Meanwhile, in the airport town of Sea-Tac in the State of Washington, the airport (run by the Port of Seattle, much like OAK is overseen by the Port of Oakland) has claimed federal pre-emption and gotten excluded from the recently voter-approved $15/hour minimum wage increase. Here’s the story.

·         A few days ago Swiss voters rejected what would have amounted to a US$17.50/hour nationwide minimum wage, voting 76% against. Learn more at this link.

·         The leading national non-profit group Independent Sector has called for members to embrace a living wage while ensuring exemptions for seasonal, part-time, and youth employees, and also increases in private giving as well as state and federal reimbursements to non-profit service providers so that the can pay higher wages without compromising needed services. Press release here. Is that the right approach for Oakland? For our region?

The Chamber and other agencies have produced much more information to date about this issue. If you have not already received this information and would any of it in advance, please e-mail Isaac Kos-Read, Public Policy Consultant.

Thank you again for your engagement on and interest in this important issue…and we look forward to seeing you bright and early this Friday morning!

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