Monday, December 12, 2011

Oakland City Council Meeting Highlights

A few items before Oakland City Council Committees at their meetings tomorrow:

Finance & Management Committee  (11:30 am)

A resolution to give people who park their cars in one of the City of Oakland's metered spaces a five minute "grace period" for getting back to their cars before they are ticketed.

Six months ago as part of its plan to balance the budget the City of Oakland sold the Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center to the Redevelopment Agency for $28.3 million.  Turns out Kaiser Center Improvements are owned by the Oakland Joint Powers Financing Authority (Authority).  To complete the $28.3 million dollar sale, the City must first own the improvements.  So city staff is recommending the Authority sell the Improvements to the City for one dollar.

Community & Economic Development Committee (2pm)

The committee will consider the Community benefits policy framework for the Oakland Army Base.  The infrastructure and land preparation costs for the entire 330 acre site, including the Port's portion of the property, are estimated at $500,000,000. Commercial facility costs are estimated at an additional $300,000,000. The project will create upwards of 2,500 to 3,000 permanent operations jobs. The Community Benefits associated with a project of this magnitude are essential for a City confronted with a double-digit unemployment rate and local business enterprises struggling to stay afloat.

Public Safety Committee (5:30 pm)

Measure Y Violence Prevention programs.  For the upcoming fiscal year the city expects to spend $5.73 million on violence prevention programs (and a similar amount for the two years after that).  The committee will consider a request for proposal (RFP) process for spending the money.

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